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Each succulent in the Unique Collection is a different variety. Plants may vary from pictures shown as succulents are selected based on season, size, health, and readiness Succulents come in 2 inch square pots fully rooted in soil. Plant measurement will vary as different species grow in different ways: for example, some grow wider, shorter, taller, trailing etc All succulent packs are carefully packed in Shop Succulents retail packaging making these easy to gift All Shop Succulents plants come with helpful care instructions in every pack A Shop Succulents plant reference guide (QR Code) is included in every Shop Succulents order. Succulents are drought tolerant plants, needing little water to thrive
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HAND SELECTED: Every pack of succulents we send is hand-picked. You will receive a unique collection of species that are FULLY ROOTED IN 2 INCH POTS, which will be similar to the product photos (see photo 2 for scale). Note that we rotate our nursery stock often, so the exact species we send changes every week. THE EASIEST HOUSE PLANTS: More appealing than artificial plastic or fake faux plants, and care is a cinch. If you think you can't keep houseplants alive, you're wrong; our succulents don't require fertilizer and can be planted in a decorative pot of your choice within seconds. DIY HOME DECOR: The possibilities are only limited by your imagination; display them in a plant holder, a wall mount, a geometric glass vase, or even in a live wreath. Because of their amazingly low care requirements, they can even make the perfect desk centerpiece for your office. UNIQUE GIFTS: Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift, from children to grandma and grandpa. Our succulents are sure to please as a wedding gift, a gift for mom or dad, or a gift for a favorite teacher. HEALTHY LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED: Your succulents will arrive alive and healthy. Each order comes with the Plants For Pets 30-day guarantee, and our promise to you that you'll love your new plants or receive a full refund.
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Homegrown by jmbamboo Commonly called Snake Plants or Mother-in-law's Tongue In China, it was kept as a treasured houseplant because the Eight Gods bestowed their eight virtues on those who grew them Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry 3 pack. Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry // unique from Jmbamboo
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The Sansevieria is one of the easiest house plants to grow, the Costa Farms 4-Pack is an excellent choice to jump-start or add to your plant collection, measures approximately 12-inches tall from bottom of pot to top of plant Super easy to grow, hardy plant, great for the forgetful gardener, keep all four yourself or share with a friend. Grown by the experts at Costa Farms, ships in 4-inch grower pot, place in planter of choice. Ships fast, direct from our farm to your home One of the easiest house plants to grow, almost impossible to kill, water only when soil is dry. Can grow in any room, bright or dark Studies show Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plant and Mother-in-Law's Tongue, tops NASA's list for air-purifying house plant Authentic Costa Farms brand plants are in black nursery-grower pots with premium soil, slow release fertilizer and have the Costa Farms logo on the pots. Look for ships from and sold by to ensure you’re getting Costa Farms brand premium plants